N – Kinesiology (June 2019): I just wanted to thank you again for today, it was so helpful and I feel much clearer and confident to move on. I often pass your name onto people and explain it’s more than food testing – I tell them it’s fascinating, you must try it! I love Kinesiology as it’s something I respond to very well and have had some life changing results regarding physical and emotional wellbeing. Thank you Jane – you’re a star!
G – Kinesiology (Apr 2019):  “Your work on my back was magical (!) Thank you so much for all of your help, you’ve done more than I thought possible. You’ll be pleased to know that I purchased a water bottle the same day as our session and I’ve been hugging it ever since!!”
C – Kinesiology (Nov 2018): “Since I first saw you I have been gradually  feeling better and better in myself. Had a few ups and downs but I think my gut is a lot healthier now. I have loads more energy … My acid reflux is almost non existent now which is brilliant after having it for about 10 years, even if I eat a few things that used to set it off. My hair has stopped falling out and is in better condition and my bowels are quite regular. I have also noticed my weight is more stable which is good as it used to vary (by) about a stone.”
B – Kinesiology (Oct 2018): “Jane has been great at helping me discover why I was often bloated and had an uncomfortable and painful stomach.  After our first session she advised I eliminate wheat and lactose from my diet, as well as doing a detox.  At the beginning I was a little uncertain, but with her support and encouragement I decided to go for it. Before starting I ensured I had plenty of good, healthy foods in, didn’t buy any more bread (really hard to do!) and instead made up a batch of linseed crackers & flat breads.  I also used Oxygen powder to help clear my gut of any nasties.  After 2 weeks I felt so much better, no more bloating or wind, I have more energy and have lost a little weight.  Jane has been very supportive throughout and is always quick to answer any questions and give advice”
L – Kinesiology (Sept 2018):  “Thank you so much Jane.  I’m full of energy again.  Your treatments are fantastic…”
D (48) – Kinesiology (Sept 2018): “I went to see Jane because I had a persistent itchy red rash on my face, neck and leg. I wondered whether it was connected to something I was eating. I’d been experimenting with my diet but couldn’t pin it down. At the fist appointment, I realised I had quite a few other symptoms – some of which I’d got used to because I’d had them for so long! These were: constipation, IBS (bloating, cramps), mood changes, brain fog, a red, sore and inflamed big toe. Jane detected a possible gut imbalance and I took some natural remedies – as muscle-tested by Jane. She also suggested I have a course of colonic hydrotherapy at a nearby centre (they weren’t nearly as scary as I thought they’d be!). Jane also detected intolerances to gliadin (gluten), some dairy products and some vegetables in the nightshade family. Four months later, I can really see how bad my health was – I now have no bloating and no cramps whatsoever. My bowels move regularly – even on holiday this summer (unheard of). What I really notice is that I have mental clarity – I’m making decisions and getting on with new projects, including starting a course I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I think my family would agree that I’m a lot less snappy too!”
E (34) – Kinesiology (June 2018): “After just two kinesiology sessions, I feel so much better. My energy levels are good and I feel a lot happier in myself. My period pain has gone from 10/10 (couldn’t walk, vomiting, bedridden) to 3 or 4/10. I haven’t even needed to take painkillers!”
RS – Kinesiology (January 2018):   “I am 57 years old and I have never been a very energetic person. If I forced myself, I would end up with a migraine headache, so I learned, over the years, to pace myself to avoid migraines!  As I got older I found it hard to get through the day without an overwhelming need to sleep. On my worst days, I would get up and feed the animals (we live on a small holding), then go back to bed.  Get up for lunch and go back to bed.  Then get up to feed the animals again and then back to bed!  I would then have a full night’s sleep.  Such a waste of time, having to sleep so much!  On my best days I would sleep in the afternoons for anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours.  Once I had slept, I was ready to go again. The Doctors have been unable to explain this.  I have always eaten healthily and had plenty of exercise with horse riding and playing tennis.  I have never been overweight and do not smoke or drink very much.  So I went to Jane as a last resort (poor Jane!). Through her skills  as a kinesiologist, she recommended that I omitted sugar, dairy and coffee and tea from my diet.  She also put me on a number of supplements.  The first couple of weeks I felt quite awful – probably because I was not having any sugar!  But then I gradually improved. I was not needing as much sleep and my “brain fog” lifted.  My headaches and sore throats have also reduced.  I first saw Jane on 6 October 2017 and have had a total of 4 sessions with her.  I was not expecting a quick fix, but I have been amazed at how quick these results have been. I would say I am about 50% better and some friends have remarked that I do look brighter.  It is still early days and I am hoping this is a permanent recovery and not a reprieve.  I can now take a little sugar and hard cheese, but not milk, coffee or tea.  I can get through most days now without falling asleep!  So a huge thank you to Jane for helping me so much in just three months!”

RP – Kinesiology (January 2018):  “With regard to the things we addressed see percentages (improved) below …

  • irregular periods 90%
  • painful breasts 95%
  • PMS 95%
  • tired, emotional, angry, self-doubting for about five days before periods 90%
  • fatigue 90%
  • stress 80%

Jane is not only a beautiful soul but a very intuitive one. She has a calm awareness which is very insightful and healing. She has helped me come to a better understanding of my health, constitution, body and where to focus my energy and attention. She has helped me with energetic blockages, regulating my menstrual cycle, PMS and fatigue, stress and self-doubt. Also, an overall encouragement to be true to myself and make choices which enhance my overall wellbeing. I always look forward to my appointments with her and I always feel there is an open door to ask for advice. Gratitude and love Jane!”

RS – Rahanni: “There was definitely a connection made between Jane and me. I could feel heat without any hands on me, and it radiated through my body, not just where Jane’s hands hovered over me. Jane was spot-on when she identified a problem with my left knee, which she then worked on.  I was aware of some minor discomfort in the knee when walking back to my car, also some twinges around my rib-cage, which all quickly dissipated and have not returned. I was left feeling very relaxed after the session, and then felt very tired for the rest of the day. I couldn’t wait to get to bed that night, and slept better than I had for a while. I was not looking for any specific ‘results’, and one session would probably not be enough to have measured anything meaningful, but I shall be returning for more as I am sure there is much to be gained.”

SA – Rahanni:  “I’ve just had Rahanni healing with Jane. I feel so at ease and relaxed, really flowing in my being. I feel like I’ve been softly held and nurtured. Thank you.”

LC – kinesiology:  “I was encouraged to see Jane after a brief chat at the gym we both attend. I was grumbling about not losing weight, despite eating what I considered a healthy diet. I did all of the things she recommended and 3 weeks later I’ve lost 5-6lbs and I’m feeling great – less bloated, healthier bowels. Jane gives you her full attention and gives you the confidence to follow her advice.”

CP – massage: “I visited Jane today for a Meridian Massage. It was so relaxing, Jane is very good at massaging. I felt totally relaxed after a truly wonderful experience.”

C – kinesiology: “My diet has really improved so very much, it was such a negative thing for me, but my progress has been rapid and very positive. I am still working on the stress related elements as these are quite deep seated and so I expect they will take a while to resolve, however I have made really great progress, my lifestyle balance is improving every time I see Jane” To read C’s story in more detail, click here.

CT – kinesiology:  “I have had three sessions with Jane and have already seen a marked improvement. I have had fibromyalgia for fifteen years, progressively worsening to the point where I could no longer work, had severe mobility issues and relied on a cocktail of strong painkillers to enable me to function at any level. I also have worsening osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists. I found after two weeks that I was actually forgetting to take my medication for a couple of hours after it was due; an impossibility for several years, as the pain would kick in frequently up to five hours earlier. I am sleeping much better as well.
Jane’s profound knowledge of nutrition has also been of inestimable value, helping me to see what was missing in my diet, suggesting easy but effective recipes and diagnosing which supplements would be most beneficial for me. My digestive system is already working far better than it has in a long time.
For the first time in years, I truly believe that my health will improve enough to achieve a quality of life that I had believed impossible.”

SP – cooking workshops: “Cooking with Jane has changed my life! I have gone from someone who dreaded going into the kitchen, to someone for whom now the kitchen is a favourite place.  

When I first met Jane, I felt that the kitchen was a place that I didn’t belong; it was meant for other people, other people far more skilled than me. However, Jane’s passion for food is contagious and before long, I found myself in the kitchen, requesting dishes and lending a helping hand… and enjoying fabulous homemade food on a regular basis. The more I cooked, the more I wanted to cook.

Jane showed me that cooking great food doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about basics, from sourcing the best ingredients to having the right tools, not to mention, simply choosing dishes that you love. So, why was cooking with Jane so much fun? It was because the food was not the focus of our cooking. The biggest thing I learned from Jane was the sheer joy of being in a kitchen; to let go of the need to always produce the perfect dish, and just to simply enjoy the process of cooking. Jane’s cooking style is fluid, flexible and fun. In fact, some of the best times were when we went “off-piste” – experimenting with new recipes, combining different ingredients, adapting recipes, and learning how to not panic when things don’t go to plan! It turns out that perfect food doesn’t need to be perfect. What a revelation!

Cooking with Jane has not only transformed my kitchen but has transformed my life too. Cooking is now a real passion, it is something I love to do and share with others. Most of all, it has taught me that life is not about perfection, it is about the joy of the journey – what better gift? Thank you Jane.  Bon appétit!”

JA – kinesiology client:

“I was really impressed by the treatment: when I left my right little toe had ceased to hurt, which would have made walking easier. However, I felt stability had returned to my pelvis and that probably related to the whole of my right side altering. It felt like walking used to be, with the potential for being without a walking stick! My ribcage also seems to have relaxed so I breathe more easily. Magical work!”