Pre-course questionnaire

Welcome to your Pre-course questionnaire

Your name:
Your postal address:
Your contact phone number:
Please provide the name and phone number of someone I can contact in case you become unwell or need help.
I hereby enrol on a Foundation Systematic Kinesiology training course with Jane Collison of Equilibre Health commencing 14 March 2020 and ending 9 August 2020. I undertake to:
- aim to achieve 100% attendance at the course dates
- practise the skills and techniques as much as possible between course dates
- provide 12 case studies by the end of the course
- do all other reading and writing work, as required
Please describe your knowledge and/or experience of Kinesiology.
Do you have any knowledge/training in nutrition or nutritional therapy?
Do you have any knowledge/training in Anatomy & Physiology?
Do you have any knowledge and/or experience of any other natural therapy/ies?
Would you like some extra support with listening, reading, writing, studying? If so, how might I/we best support you?
Do you have any mobility issues which would make getting on and off a massage couch and the practical work difficult? If so, how might I/we assist with this?
Do you have any health conditions which you think it might be helpful for me to know about for the purposes of practical work and demonstrations? (Please understand that I will NEVER divulge this information to anyone else.)
At this point, what are your intentions for this training?
Is there anything else you would like to tell me so that you can make the most of this training?