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On the day of your appointment, please:

  1. Do not take any of your usual supplements (do take prescribed medication as usual)
  2. Bring with you anything you take regularly - supplements, remedies, medication.
  3. Wear warm, loose comfortable clothing such as you would wear to a gentle exercise class - shorts, skirts and dresses are not usually practical.
  4. Bring with you any food or drink items you would like tested for suitability.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your health!

Best wishes


Privacy & Confidentiality: the information in this form is collected by me so that I can provide individual, safe and effective care to you. I keep paper client records for a statutory 7 years. They include a print out of this form (which is not saved on a computer). If you would like to see your records at any time, please ask. If you change your mind about receiving emails from me - please let me know at any time in the future. I will never, ever share your details or any personal information about you with anyone else (unless you have given me permission to speak to another therapist to whom I refer you). I am a Professional member of the Kinesiology Association and bound by their code of ethics. I am professional insured by Balens