Hungry Planet: What the world eats

Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio travelled to 24 different countries and photographed 30 families surrounded by their weekly food supply. The results were published in this book: Hungry Planet and I find it fascinating. Here’s a link to an article where you can see some of the photos.

Particularly surprising to me is that, on the whole, I would much rather eat what the ‘poorer’ families (those who spend less than $100 per week) are eating! I especially like the look of the Ecuador family’s food for just $32.

I’m really shocked to see absolutely no vegetables whatsoever in the American families’ diets. There’s a tiny amount of fruit and I think some bagged salad hiding in there but that’s it for fresh produce. It’s also interesting to see that mostly it’s the men and boys who are overweight – I’d say it’s more often women here in the UK. And where there are chubby kids, there are bottles and bottles of fizzy drinks, breakfast cereals, crisps and fast food such as huge pizzas.

Is it just me or do the German family get through rather a lot of alcohol for two adults in a week?! And just compare their food quantity with the quantity and number of family members of the Mali family below. Fascinating stuff! There are also teaching resources available here.