Kinesiology & Massage

Jane Collison headshot

I practise Systematic Kinesiology, Nutritional Therapy and Meridian Massage from my home office in Weymouth, Dorset. (I can also book a room at Dorchester Yoga & Therapy Centre.) Please contact me via the form below for an appointment or for further information.

Systematic Kinesiology:

SK is a gentle, non-invasive (fully dressed) but powerful technique using specific muscles of your body to find out what you need to return to health. It covers the four realms of health: Structure (joints, muscles, bones), Bio-Chemistry (food allergies, nutritional lack), Electrical (energy imbalances or blockages) and Emotions.

I am a full Professional member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. First appointment (allow 1.5 hours) – £50, follow-ups (allow 1 hour) – £35. (To cover room hire costs, I charge £60 and £45 in Dorchester.)

Meridian (aromatherapy) Massage:

I use Kinesiology testing to find out which meridian (energy pathway) is out of balance and which essential oils will re-balance the body. I then prepare a warm oil blend which I use to massage the whole body, focussing on the imbalanced pathway and adding in some Kinesiology balancing techniques for that meridian and the body as a whole.

Meridian Massage is the culmination of my 20+ years of experience and training in natural health. It is a relaxing, pampering treatment which brings your body into balance and refreshes your mind and spirits. A one-and-a-quarter hour session costs £35 (£40 for 1 hour in Dorchester).

My therapy background:

I first started studying natural health in 1995 and have several diplomas in massage and aromatherapy. For years, I taught aromatherapy and imported essential oils direct from France. I also owned and ran my own health food and natural remedies shop.

I’ve studied flower essences and learned a few basics about homeopathic remedies. However, I’ve always been passionate about food (see My Story) – good food is my top priority – my number one value. I practise nutritional therapy based on my experience, extensive reading and qualifications.

Please contact me for an appointment or for any further information. I look forward to helping you with your health soon!