Cook for Health

These workshops will show you how to prepare simple, nutritious meals which will help you be slim, healthy and full of energy so you can feel confident and look great.
You will learn the secrets of great dressings to transform veggies into delicious dishes you can really taste. You’ll come away with ideas for nutritious breakfasts and lunches on the go (no more grabbing a sandwich). You’ll see which ingredients to buy and where – and how to turn them into naturally gluten-free, sugar-free, healthy meals – taste satisfaction guaranteed!
Here’s what a one-to-one cooking workshop attendee said: “(Before I) met Jane, I felt that the kitchen was a place I didn’t belong; it was meant for other people, more skilled than me. However, Jane’s passion for food is contagious and I found myself in the kitchen, requesting dishes and lending a helping hand… and enjoying fabulous homemade food. The more I cooked, the more I wanted to cook.”
Let’s spend some time together chopping, mixing and stirring – and then sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labour over a nutritious meal. No previous experience or knowledge required!

COST: £95 FOR FIVE WEEKS (includes all ingredients)

Kitchen Detox and One-to-one Workshops

I would love to come to your house and rummage through your kitchen cupboards! No, seriously, I could have a look at what you’re eating on a regular basis and make suggestions for healthier alternatives, according to whatever your aim is – losing weight, improving nutrition, eating allergen-free or generally better health. We would then prepare a meal together while we chat. Cost: £10 per hour, including travel time.

Naturally gluten-free and mostly dairy-free:

I am diagnosed as coeliac but I don’t eat much in the way of replacement gluten free foods such as bread and pasta. That’s because these industrially-made foods are high in calories and low in nutrition. I prefer to eat simple home-cooked food made with eggs, meat, fish, pulses and lots of vegetables. Please tell me if you have any other dietary requirements.

chickensGood food starts with great ingredients:

I’ll be using organic vegetables from my weekly vegbox from Dorset Riverford, local meat from a good butcher or organic meat from Riverford, and free-range eggs.