Cook for Health workshops, one-to-one cooking and kitchen detoxes.

I LOVE talking about food and sharing my passion for healthy food. I would love to speak to your group – large or small. I also host individual or small group cooking demonstrations and workshops in my home kitchen and at St Aldhelm’s Church Centre, Weymouth. The aim is to have fun in the kitchen and prepare simple, nutritious dishes. We’ll cover:

  • how to prepare naturally gluten free, tasty, nutritious dishes (my version of paleo)
  • about healthy ingredients and where to buy them
  • how to eat really well and yet lose weight, reduce inflammation and improve energy levels

We could start the day with a pot of tea (of course!) and a chat while I prepare cookiessome paleo cookies for us to share mid-morning. I’ll talk you through the ingredients I’m using and some of the principles behind the paleo way of eating. Then I’ll start preparing our lunch – those who just have to get hands on (like me!) are welcome to join in. A big part of my food ethos is eating seasonally so in winter, we could be making a hearty soup, a big fat omelette (or two) and a seasonal raw slaw salad. In summer, it could be ratatouille, steamed fish and a salad followed by banana & walnut muffins. The lunch we’ll share will be a healthy, feast to satisfy any cave(wo)man!


Kitchen Detoxes

I would love to come to your house and rummage through your kitchen cupboards! No, seriously, I could have a look at what you’re eating on a regular basis and make suggestions for healthier alternatives, according to whatever your aim is – losing weight, improving nutrition, eating allergen-free or generally better health. We would then prepare a meal together while we chat. Cost: £10 per hour, including travel time.

How to lose weight – permanently:

I lost over two stone (36 pounds) three years ago and I haven’t put it back on. Pretty impressive when you’re over 50! This isn’t because I restrict myself and eat “diet” foods – quite the opposite! I eat really good food three times a day – and snack. What I’ve done is changed the emphasis of my diet away from carbohydrates (particularly grains) and towards vegetables, protein and good fats. I did go through (and still do when I have overindulged) periods where I cut out completely anything which is sugar to my body (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, fruit, etc). But I can now pretty much eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I’ll share with you my top tips for losing weight and keeping it off.

Naturally gluten free food:

I am diagnosed as coeliac but I don’t eat much in the way of replacement gluten free foods such as bread and pasta. That’s because I find these industrially-made foods really high in calories and very low in nutrition. I prefer to eat simple home-cooked food made with eggs, meat, fish, pulses and lots of vegetables. Please tell me if you have any other dietary requirements and I’ll let you know if I can adapt a workshop and lunch for you.

chickensLocal sources of good food:

I’ll be using vegetables from my weekly vegbox from Goldhill Organics, meat from Brace of Butchers or possibly Riverford, and eggs from a local free-range farm.